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Six Women – Six Bounce Back Stories


At Bounce Back DNA (BBDNA) we know that everyone has a story. One that has left many of you heart broken, feeling rejected, angry, overwhelmed and with little to no self confidence or self esteem. Each lady in the BBDNA Movement has a story or two as well. Stories that have knocked us to the ground, but we are determined to not allow the trials of yesterday overshadow our dreams for tomorrow. We have committed to loving ourselves enough to believe in the limitless opportunities available to each of us and to not live in the pain of our pasts.
Through this movement we will do as we have been called and will share our stories of victory over the very things that once had us torn and bound. God is using the very things that once made us feel lowly and utterly worthless to help change the lives of others. We have finally knocked down the walls that were keeping us from our destiny, have allowed the chains to fall and are showing our scars so that you and others may heal. Through God’s strength to use all things for good, we will share our stories to help lift your burdens and help you turn your trials into triumphs, just as we have done.


4 thoughts on “About the Movement

  1. Please feel free to contact me either by email or phone 3042886419, I would be interested in hearing more about your project.
    Nancy Jamison

  2. What a great initiative! I hope you all soar high with this. It’s needed by so many. I pray your good efforts get the support and attention deserved.

  3. Because of years of betrayal, I didn’t trust men except my dad a pastor & my husband. I was sexually violated by a grandpa, a church deacon, a 27 year old youth pastor, was raped at 17 by a college student & domestic violence came into my marriage with verbal abuse, porn & adultery. I believe it’s because my husband’s dad took his own life & both comforted themselves with women. We suffered from PTSD but didn’t know it was related to the violence we went through. I was unable to start my period or conceive a child until we adopted. I know now it was related to decades of abuse. I was codependant with a male heroin addict we met in prison. We had a bad link – sexual abuse. I was as messed up as he was & realized after rescuing him several times that I really needed help! In 1998 after watching Family Secrets on Oprah I finally got courage to tell my elderly mother what her dad did to me & found out he violated her too! PTSD kept us both silent. I thought I was all alone until I confronted the elderly clergy that sexually assaulted me with the support of a disciplinary committee of 8 clergy & psychologist. Even though he was in complete denial I chose to forgive him. He fell down the stairs & broke his back & died seven weeks later! Writing my book I grieved my losses & have risen above abuse with a God given purpose to give back to those with broken wings. We celebrated 50 years of marriage & are overcomers & want to tell our amazing story to help other survivors. Read my published story here in http://droppingkeys.net/listen-to-the-cry-of-the-child/

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