“I met Teresa at a time where I did not know my own self-value and did not love myself. Teresa saw the best in me and did not let go until I saw it as well. I went through several of her programs and co-directed an agency-wide program that helped broaden my horizons and led me into places where I never before imagined myself. I am now training others, telling my bounce back story, and mentoring others who are where I was…Angela Coley


When I met Teresa I was at a very low point in my life. I was in a
job I didn’t want to be in and having major problems in my personal
life.  I can honestly say that this woman saved my life.  Although it
did not show on the outside, I had very low self-esteem and was at the
end of my rope.  I only had a high school diploma and my job in the
Army had no civilian equivalency except for law enforcement.  I didn’t
think I could do anything else.  I hated myself and started hating
those around me. Teresa was the needed push that saved me from the brink of self-destruction. I started attending her local leadership development programs, giving me the necessary skills that would get me the edge to be more marketable. I moved up into the ranks in the police department I was working in and ultimately finished as Captain before the job of my dreams became available. I was hired for that position and I never would have gotten it if it wasn’t for my coach, motivator and most importantly, my friend, Teresa Holmes. Thank you so much!…Greg Swars


Working with Teresa L. Holmes and the Bounce Back DNA Movement has changed my life. She has the special gift of not only recognizing greatness in others, but she patiently works with people to develop their gifts. She offered me the opportunity to give voice to my pain as a part of her anthology Wounds Healed, Scars Revealed. Her willingness to share her platform with anyone looking to get started on the journey to birth their destiny has been a blessing to me…Habibah Sulayman Smith