How We Will Serve You


The Bounce Back DNA (BBDNA) Movement) is comprised of women and teens who are dedicating their lives to helping others overcome trials, to heal from past hurts, and to break free from toxic relationships and other ongoing cycles. The courageous ladies of BBDNA are revealing their souls, telling their own personal stories of sexual, physical,  and emotional abuse, toxic relationships, alcoholism, bullying and more. They have triumphed from victims to victors and are now showing their scars so that others may heal.

One thing that we know is that this movement cannot thrive with the team members alone. Through Community Honors Programs and other events, we play tribute to those who support us and who were or are making a difference in our communities.

Pictured above: Top left – Teresa L. Holmes, Movement Director celebrates Lexy Holmes, a Teen BBDNA Honors Recipient, for her dedication and hard work within the community and academically. Top right – The movement director honors Dora Rice of DR Ministries for her ongoing support of BBDNA and her community work with those in addiction and recovery. Bottom: Parecha Boardely, Life in 4G Coordinator and Host (a component of the movement) plays tribute to Joi Hayward, God’s Confident Woman Founder, for her devotion to our cause and ongoing community service.


My Story His Glory Group Photo

Left to right: Andrea Dardello, Habibah Sulayman, Shannon Robinson, Anita Inman, Teresa L. Holmes, and Spenser Wempre

Through BBDNA, the ladies and teens of the movement, will host community celebrations, women and teen conferences, workshops and seminars, public speaking forums and other events to help women and teens transform their lives into those of freedom and beauty.

Pictured above are six heart and soul-baring ladies who came together to share their stories of molestation, date rape, low self-esteem, and discrimination. These ladies believe in the power of their story. They put all fear of judgment aside and chose to make a difference that day and beyond.

Teresa L. Holmes, Movement Director stated,  “I can still see the faces of others attending the event as their breakthrough came and the chains began to fall. As they began to sing along while Andrea Dardello blessed them with a hymn that was soothing. The words to the song added to the release they were already feeling. Each person present left without any doubt that there is power in every story. They were all blessed by the bravery and the storytellers’ willingness to serve.”



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  1. Hi Teresa,
    I have been trying to connect with you for a year now. I talk about you all the time the love and concern you showed for others. Our department has not been the same since you left. I adored your spirit for others moving forward in their careers. You have always been my inspiration to impact others lives. God has allowed be to be the founder of a book club ministry Ladyz of Elegance. We are a Christian book club and we also do outreach in our community. Angela was telling me you will be in Macon on next month hopefully its during a time I can attend

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