How We Will Serve You


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Teresa L. Holmes, BBDNA Executive Director Honoring Cheryl Lawrence for Outstanding Service to the Community

The Bounce Back DNA (BBDNA Movement) is comprised of women and teens who are dedicating their lives to helping others overcome trials, to heal from past hurts, and to break free from toxic relationships and other ongoing cycles. The courageous ladies of BBDNA are revealing their souls, telling their own personal stories of sexual, physical,  and emotional abuse, toxic relationships, alcoholism, bullying and more. They have triumphed from victims to victors and are now showing their scars so that others may heal.


Karey Warriner, BBDNA Executive Assistant, introducing guest speaker at the First Annual Teen Summit

Through BBDNA, the ladies and teens of the movement, will host community celebrations, women and teen conferences, workshops and seminars, public speaking forums and other events to help women and teens transform their lives into those of freedom and beauty.

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BBDNA Executive Team giving a presentation at the Martinsburg Rotary Club Meeting



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